Time frames for review in the labour court
Johanette Rheeder

JRA cannot stress the need to comply with time frames for reviews in the Labour Court strong enough. The pre-enrolment hearings as implemented by the Labour court are strictly adhered to with the presiding judges being strict about delays. The Court does not hesitate to dismiss matters and applications for condonation and make cost orders and have even held attorneys and clients in contempt for not complying with time frames and judgements. Not only is the client implicated but also the attorneys who run these matters. It is really important for the client and the attorney to work together and not to let undue delays take place. Various other judges have given judgement against clients, including unions, ruling that internal delays and internal protocol is not an excuse for delays in complying with court rules and time frames.

Please be assured of our commitment from JRA side to get the matters timeously presented to court, to provide the best service to you, the client. we include herewith a summary of time frames to be adhered to. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Download the document here!